Mindworks Georgia (formerly known as the Interagency Directors Team [IDT]) is a multi-agency, public-private collaborative that works to promote better child and adolescent behavioral health in the state.

In 1990, state legislation instructed child-serving state agencies to create a system of care state plan for children’s behavioral health (O.C.G.A. §§ 49-5-220–223) and to establish interagency committees to carry out the framework for children’s behavioral health at the local level (O.C.G.A. § 49-5-225).

Specifically, Mindworks Georgia is charged with creating an integrated approach to policy and practice within the child and adolescent system of care and is an important player in the Georgia System of Care infrastructure.

Today, Mindworks Georgia consists of more than 20 representatives from state agencies and non-governmental organizations that serve children with behavioral health needs. Learn more about our leadership and partners.

The Center of Excellence for Children’s Behavioral Health, within the Georgia Health Policy Center at Georgia State University, provides project management and backbone organizational support, as well as data collection, program evaluation, and objective research and policy and financial analysis to support Mindworks Georgia and the state’s system of care.